There are many things to love in a pug: their little wiggly curled-up tails, the bulgy eyes, the smooth, soft ears and the scratchy feel of the fur. All these are the little things which pug owners come to love.

Just now Chi snorted at me, as if he could read my mind. A deep, gutteral snort. With lots of spray and drool. 

All right. It’s the noises we love. If he or she is awake, your pug is continually telling you exactly what it thinks, with a chorus of snorts, sighs, coughs, and pants. The snoring at night will wake you.  If your pug is disgusted with you, you WILL know. The world’s longest sighs come from pugs.

Give a pug a chew toy, and watch. It is the fiercest, toughest dog in the universe. It’ll shake that toy, snort and growl at it, and spray snot everywhere in the process as it prances through the room displaying its command of its stuffed toy. 

A pug is a clown — YOUR clown. It loves to see you laugh, and it is happy when it is curled up next to you. it asks nothing more of you.

Except stuff.