Chi the Wonderpug

Chi the Wonderpug

I’ve been wanting to write about my pug for quite some time. Every time I started, I just stopped. Can anyone possibly learn from a pug? Is there anything of value to be had? Perhaps I’d be the only one interested in my sweet, slightly strange pugfriend.

Chi came into our home about 5 years ago when a family member needed to find a place for him. He had been living with someone who didn’t treat him well. The very first night we met, Chi bounded up onto the sofa, snorted a hearty hello and wiggled all over with excitement. My heart melted almost immediately.  This was the first lesson that Chi taught — an unbounded excitement and deep love for people. He had an innocence I found refreshing, despite his experiences. He has become ever more playful as he’s gotten older and learned to trust us.

The second lesson came right on top of the first. Chi was in fact SO excited that he started to rub himself on my favorite comforter. Before I realized what was happening, he lifted his leg and peed all over it.


Trust, and love… but verify?